Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Miscellaneous Vacation Notes

+ Before setting off last Friday, I put about 30 CDs in a shoebox for my vacation soundtrack. Your basic Dono favorites: Bob, Frank, Van the Man, Brubeck, the BST album with Al Kooper, etc. I got all the way to Canada before realizing I'd forgotten to include the ultimate great north woods CD, "Gord's Gold." I don't know what I was thinking--Gordon Lightfoot's voice and songs captured my previous northern experience perfectly (December '80 and August '81), and that album should have been the first thing I put in the shoebox.

+ By the way, other people have Ipods. I have a shoebox.

+ My favorite sign in Canada was the one that indicated I was crossing over the Current River. I guess they're planning to update that river soon, but for now this is the current one.

+ Here's a tip for driving in downtown Minneapolis: Read the whole street sign. Don't stop reading after you read, for instance, "South 3rd," because there are two South 3rds, and one of them is South 3rd Street and the other is South 3rd Avenue. All the avenues line up parallel, as do all the streets. Knowing this would have made driving there in a downpour a little easier, but probably not by much.

+ I thought I'd be able to post some pics--and in fact told a number of people to watch this space for that reason--but something went awry with that plan so I'll just wait till I get back home on Thursday.

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