Sunday, October 09, 2005

Pictures From Vacation, Part 1

If this works, you should be looking at a picture of Lake Superior, just outside of Lakewood, north of Duluth, where the North Shore Scenic Route begins. I was lucky to be there during the gull convention--here are a number of gulls at a workshop on new techniques in bread crumb gathering.

The next shot was taken somewhere between Duluth and Two Harbors. Not many rocks in this picture, for some reason.

An early morning shot on the drive down 587 to the tip of the Sleeping Giant peninsula. This shot has mountains, forest, horses, and fog--it's hard to take a bad picture when you've got all that going for you.

Here's a shot from about halfway up the Giant. Check out the cliffs in the background. Had I made it to the top, it was another 2 km walk to those cliffs and the spectacular view of Thunder Bay.

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